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Essence Hunt is a BxB (meaning, romance between males) visual novel.   Also, while it's not an adult game by any means, it does contain some censored nudity.  If you watch a lot of anime, it won't be anything you haven't seen before but I figure I'd better give you the heads up.  Now, with all of that out of the way...


While out hunting, Shugo ignores his village's superstitions and kills a deer on sacred ground. This angers a powerful nature spirit named Asha and she curses him, telling Shugo that he must return what he stole within three days or he'll die. That's easier said than done however since returning the deer's soul isn't exactly in the realm of human expertise. Luckily, he's not completely on his own. A fox spirit named Kei has agreed to help him out on a whim. Can the two catch the deer's spirit and return it to its body before the three days are up? And is Shugo's new travelling companion even trustworthy in the first place?


- 25,000 + words

- 6 endings (12 if you include variants)

- It's free (but if you're feeling generous I definitely won't say no to you throwing some moolah my way *wink wink*)


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downloading right now~


just got out of college ad engineering studies and you grace me with this game~

thank youuuuuu~!!!

^.^)/ I will follow you~

(sounded creepy there lolz)


Aaah it's finally out! I've been waiting for it for such a long time! Going to play as soon as I can, and I'll be back to tell what I think!