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This... is about the sorrow and the solace in view of death, such a heavy topic delivered with refined storytelling :')

for some reason i cant download the game

I'm on a windows, and I can't play it. It says that there is an error on the file.

Sorry about that. I'm not sure what happened. This is the first time I've heard about anyone having any issues. Anyway, I'm not exactly well versed in the technical aspects of Ren'py so I'm afraid I had to resort to google to attempt to find an answer. The only thing that I found that I think might be useful is to try redownloading it. That being said, that's probably something you would have already tried. :P Can you give me any more details on the error? I might be able to find something more helpful if I have more specifics.

Great man, I will check it out.

I have seen it in PCGamer, hope you get tons of users and some positive feedback.

Thanks for the game!